Knock knock.

Bablo: Hello everyone, and welcome.

Nam: No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It really is us.

Bablo: You can’t greet ba?

Nam: Why are you shouting?

Bablo: See this one. You people, it’s Nam that knows why we have not been here since last year o.

Nam: So it is me you want to blame?

Bablo: Better start explaining to us why this blog was inactive for so long.



Unlooks steadfastly

Bablo: Talk. People are waiting.  


stand up comedy cant explain


Bablo: SMH. Just look at yourself.

Nam: We will make it up to you, you hear? Send us your bank account numbers.

Bablo: We wil…wait, what?

Nam: *ignores me and starts hugging people and sharing crisp N1000 notes.* 

Bablo: What’s all this, Jackie?

Nam: IMG_20160608_022405_265

Bablo: It’s like you have you not heard that the economy is tough.

Nam: No, I have not heard. Money is not a problem.

Bablo: Oshey, Sarkodie.

Nam: We are sha back.

Bablo: Like Terminator.

Nam: Like a mother from the market.

Bablo: Like the Prodigal Son to his father’s house after his sufferhead sojourns.

Nam: Like gastric acid regurgitated from your belly.

Bablo: Urgh. Such a nerd.

Nam: -_-

Bablo: You had to spoil it.

Nam: It’s not my fault.

Bablo: Os courfe.

Nam: Guys, we’ve missed you.

Bablo: Yes, indeed. We really did miss you.

Nam: And we will make it up to you.

Bablo: As long as it doesn’t involve bank accounts, I am all up for making up.

Nam: SMH. Broke man.

Bablo: Thanks. 

Nam: Thank you guys for commenting and asking and keeping in touch.

Bablo: It was very touching. Pun intended. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.

Nam: This time we will do better and not run off.

Bablo: We ain’t going nowhere. We promise.

Nam: We’ll be seeing you around.

Bablo: Like next weekend, when a post will go up.